Enjoying Today

We sat on the back porch with a cup of iced tea and I asked my cousin Kristen a question that had been bothering me.  Kristen is one of those people that you want to hate.  She’s tall, thin, and gorgeous.  She is actually even more beautiful on the inside (barf inducing, I know).  I […]

4 Truths About an Oilfield Marriage

Want to put your marriage to the test?  Have your husband join the oilfield.  Nothing puts pressure on a relationship like weeks apart with long hours and little sleep.  It can be a constant balance between one extreme to the other.  Admittedly, sometimes I am awesome at all of this and sometimes I just plain […]

Visiting the Patch

Sometimes everything aligns perfectly in the universe.  Oilman will finally be on days and I will get a break in my work schedule.  It is during these times that I pack an overnight bag and head up to oilfield country because it is time to see my man.  I often get asked by my friends […]

Surviving the Downturn

At first I was afraid… I was petrified… Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side… I’m not talking about your lover, I’m talking about cash.  Some of us this year are saying goodbye to some serious oilfield cash and we don’t know if we are going to make it.  In the […]

Good for Her! Not for Me.

“I could never ever have my husband gone all the time,” she continued, “I would never choose money over being with my husband every day.”   Well, thank you for that little tidbit.  I didn’t ask for an opinion on my husband’s work schedule, but I appreciated her smug judgement nonetheless. I shrugged my shoulders to […]

The One Thing Everybody Needs

Sometimes things happen such as walking into your home and being overwhelmed by a stench.  Maybe my dog drank stagnant river water and got sick in his kennel.  Maybe upon removing him from said kennel, he kicked up diarrhea and it hit me in the face.  Why is it that these types of things generally […]

You’ve Been Initiated

There comes a moment where you officially become an oilfield wife.  I can’t tell you exactly when or where this happens because the process is different for everyone.  In that moment you will stop and realize just how amazing you are and strong you have become.  Give yourself a high-five and keep on trucking.  Here […]

The Real Men of the Oilfield

There is a side of the oilfield that most people don’t hear about.  It isn’t discussed openly, you won’t read about it, and people won’t talk about it at the water cooler.  It is a bit of a secret really and it is one I want you to know.  I solemnly swear to tell the […]

I’m Breaking Up with You

Dear Pinterest, I want you to know that you started all of this with a hot dog.  Your behavior has allowed me to see that we just aren’t right for each other anymore.  I’m breaking up with you. You annoyed me a little bit.  That small annoyance grew into disdain and now I just don’t […]

They are wrong about me and you

It feels like more than ever our country is divided on so many issues.  It is disagreements on everything from the Duggar family, Trayvon Martin, police brutality, 99%, 1%, liberals, conservatives, Christians, or gay marriage.  The biggest problem isn’t that we believe or see things differently; it is that we are making sweeping generalizations about […]