Having Him Home

What would it look like if Oilman was home more or all the time?  We still have no idea what will happen in the next few months.  He could get laid off, have a schedule change, or just keep working as-is (doubtful there).  The possibilities in front of us have made me wonder what having […]

I am an ungrateful turd.

I felt like an ungrateful little turd recently as I sat down to write a letter. We decided to sponsor a child in Gunchire, Ethiopia and her name is Fesesu Hailu.  Fesesu is 10 years old and this sweet girl has lost both of her parents.  Help One Now is the organization that facilitates and […]

You Should Have Known

You should’ve known what you were getting into when you married an oilfield man.  This seems to be a popular sentiment with oilfield wives.  It is a response to other women’s cries of difficulty and frustration at times over this lifestyle.  In fact, it has become so popular of a comment that both Ashley and […]

The Rules: Trying to Conceive Edition

There are certain rules you must follow when trying to get pregnant, aka trying to conceive, aka TTC. You do not question the rules.  You just do them lest anyone think you are an unfit mother-to- be. Rule #1:  Find a willing partner.  Before TTC one has visions of what the baby making love will […]

An open letter to those who work at nail salons

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Who Work At Nail Salons: First off, I want to say thank you.  You massage my hands, arms, legs, and feet.  You make my nails look pretty.  Every time I look down at my pretty nails, it makes me happy.   Thank you for all of the prettiness and happiness. I don’t […]

Oilfield Life in 2015

The last couple of hitches had been rough for me.  I was hesitant to share it because there are so many oilfield families looking for work.  I knew that people would think that I should be grateful my husband has a job.  I am grateful, but that doesn’t mean that my life is perfect.  Being […]

Little Things Matter

It was her husband’s dying wish to get the house sold.  That was why I sat and talked with a woman whose husband was dying of cancer in the other room.  One of the things they had talked about as his health turned south was his desire for her to be free from the responsibilities […]

…but she is fat

I was having a conversation with my mother, it went something like this: “I ran into my old friend at the convention,” my mom continues, “she said her daughter is doing well, but she weighs (insert weight that many beautiful woman weigh here) and is a bigger girl.” I was horrified.  Why on earth did […]

The Secret Lives of Oilfield Wives

I’m going to take a moment and clear up a few things.  A question that every single oilfield wife gets is, “what on earth to you DO when your husband is away for weeks at a time?”  There are some misconceptions about the trouble we are getting into while our men are away.  Today, I […]

Warning: Low Love Tank

Oilman won’t let me forget it.  When we first started dating I got angry and threw a lime at his face.  It was a wedge of lime from my bottle of Dos Equis.  Don’t worry, I was the worst player on my softball team as a child and no one was harmed in the lime […]