For My Niece: A Letter To New Oilfield Wives & Girlfriends

  This past weekend I found out from my mother-in-law that my niece has been dating a man who works on a rig in Utah and they are considering getting married. Upon hearing this the first thing I did was send my husband a text message asking if he had heard this news. Turns out […]

5 Tips To Make Your Resume Shine

    If you follow my posts you know that this past week my husband was home from North Dakota and we were working on finding him a new job. The first step in his job search involved reviewing and revising his resume. Lucky for him this is something I’m pretty adept at and I […]

8 Things All Kids Need To Know

Kids drive me nuts these days. (Or maybe it’s parents that drive me nuts). Many children spend more time playing on the i-pad than they do playing outside…and it shows. They aren’t learning to communicate or relate to others. Granted, every kid is going to spend some of their time in front of the TV, […]

Coping Postpartum

In some cultures women spend 40 days postpartum in their bedroom nursing their babies and being waited on by their mothers or other female friends or relatives. In oilfield world you get four days before you husband returns to work and five days before your family has to go back to their own town. At […]

Always Going

  Last night my oilfield man (OFM) called for our usual post-safety meeting, pre-dinner evening chat. We have been doing Face Time more and more and our daughter absolutely loves it! As silly as it sounds, it really does feel like we are all gathered around the table laughing and talking or sitting on the […]

8 Ways to Help a Family With a Sick Child

I’ve always tried to be supportive of people who are going through hard times and facing a medical crisis, whether it be cancer or something else. I’ve organized benefit dinners, donated to strangers fundraising accounts to help with their medical bills, and offered my help many times to other families in need. Then, at the […]

Camper Safety Tips

In light of last week’s tornadoes in Watford City, ND, I think now is a good time to talk about camper safety. I know last week was a scary time for many families living in the Bakken and for many families with husbands staying there. I know I was here in Kentucky biting my nails […]

Blame it on the Oilfield

There was a 3.4 earthquake in my old hometown in Colorado a couple days ago. Earthquakes are rare there, but not completely unheard of.  To my knowledge there was no injuries and no damage.  Most people that felt it didn’t even know what it was, and it was over before they new what happened. My […]

Memorial Day Gratitude

  Happy Memorial Day! Today is a great day to talk about gratitude. Obviously, we are grateful today for the sacrifices made by our service men and women, especially since it seems like a great many of our oilfield men, my own husband included, are veterans themselves. While we are focused on our gratitude for the […]

I’m Scared and I Want My Husband!

I’d hoped to follow up my post about travel from last week with a post about what to take in your first aid travel kit. Unfortunately, there has been a lot going on and this the past week has been a blur of midwife, chiropractor and acupuncture appointments interspersed with trying every trick known to man […]