I guess it’s my turn to say good-bye.  Although I tend to agree with the saying that says there are no ends, just new beginnings. Whenever we come to a new chapter in life, it’s really just a transition, not an end.   When we reach a bend in the road, things change.   We […]

Oilfield Worker Appreciation Day

I declare today, Oilfield Worker Appreciation Day.  Write this day down.  It’s a new thing and we are going to start it.  #OilfieldWorkerAppreciation is happening on this very day folks. Have you ever looked to see all the “special” days we have in the US?  We celebrate all kinds of important things in this beautiful […]

So Long and Take Care, Oilfield Wives!

Happy Halloween, y’all! As you may or may not know Halloween is considered to be the last harvest festival and the beginning of the new year in the Gaelic tradition. This makes it the perfect time for me to announce both the end of my blogging for the Real Oilfield Wives website and the beginning […]

It’s Not Good Bye, It’s See Ya Later

  Over the past year I have shared my life, my experiences, my views, and my world as a working oilfield wife (OFW). I have expressed my thoughts on this crazy lifestyle, I have related my own role as a wife, and I have elaborated on my survival tricks as a mother, but today I am writing to say farwell. […]

Welcome Oilfield Baby!

I am writing this in one of the first quiet moments I’ve had in several days. It will no doubt soon be interrupted by the stirring of our new baby girl, Litha. If you’ve read my previous posts you know that Litha was expected on June 21st, but it seems she had her own ideas […]

The Best Example of Self Sufficient is an Oilfield Wife

  As many of you know I was a little MIA last week! In addition to wearing the hat of a working mommy and oilfield wife (OFW), I was also a Power Of Attorney last week for my oilfield man (OFM). The time restraints and unknown schedule of this lifestyle always makes any big life events […]

Oilfield Home- For Sale By Owner

  We are on the market! Today let’s chat about some real estate! Now, we as oilfield wives (OFW) all know that the state our husbands work in one moth could quite possibly be different from that they work in next month. I have found it is rare to find an oilfield wife that actually […]

Making Resolutions

I don’t usually do new Year’s resolutions. I think they are dumb. Well, at least mine are. But there are some  things I’d like to work on so I’m thinking if I  list them, all of you can hold me accountable and I’ll be more likely to follow through. Here goes…. 1. I will exercise […]

Our Camper Life: An Introduction

Two months ago I was living in a four bedroom house with chickens and gardens, working a full time job and taking care of my son, Will, while his daddy, Jacob, worked in the North Dakota oilfields. Sounds pretty normal, right? However, for our family, this arrangement quickly became unmanageable. I needed a change and […]

Introducing Becky From Colorado

My day starts every morning at 5am with a wakeup call from Rig 330 in beautiful Eastern Colorado. After our typical quick chat, “Love you! Miss You! I’m off to my safety meeting” I drag myself out of bed, tip toe down the hall towards the Keurig and that is where my day begins as a […]