It is no surprise that oilfield wives get stressed. Often. I mean, just thinking about all of the things we need to tackle, usually solo, is enough to drive even the sanest of women over the edge we were barely on anyway. Right?! It took me a while to figure out what I needed to […]

The Easy Way Out

Just shy of 2 years ago I underwent a surgery that changed my life. Sort of. I’ve always been ‘heavy’ (putting it nicely). Growing up I was the ‘big girl’ that struggled to find cute clothes to enter 1st grade in. I knew embarrassment and shame at an early age. I knew bullies and the […]

Holistic Health Kit

I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile, but the right time just never came up. Now that we are are packing up to go back to North Dakota I decided it was time to go ahead and share it with you. This is a list of the items that comprise the family wellness […]

Coping Postpartum

In some cultures women spend 40 days postpartum in their bedroom nursing their babies and being waited on by their mothers or other female friends or relatives. In oilfield world you get four days before you husband returns to work and five days before your family has to go back to their own town. At […]

8 Ways to Help a Family With a Sick Child

I’ve always tried to be supportive of people who are going through hard times and facing a medical crisis, whether it be cancer or something else. I’ve organized benefit dinners, donated to strangers fundraising accounts to help with their medical bills, and offered my help many times to other families in need. Then, at the […]

Freezer Meal Time!

  Feeling a bit worn out today since my little guy and I just returned from a trip to Minnesota so we could spend some time with Jacob while he took care of some business here. This is the last major traveling we will be doing before our second child is born in in mid-June. […]

Tips For Your Spring Garden

It’s finally March and in theory spring is just around the corner. I know I’ve been thinking about spring gardening since January, but now it’s time to start ramping things up. Since I’m pregnant this year I’ll be scaling back a bit, but I still plan on filling out some of my perennial beds with […]

Invisible Diseases

I’ll admit, I’m not a very sympathetic person when it comes to invisible diseases. Or at least that’s how I used to be. When I’d hear people were suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression…..anything that I couldn’t “see”…I’d inwardly roll my eyes and think, “Take an aspirin and quit complaining”.  Well that was before I became […]

Simple Living

I haven’t always been about simple living. I’m guilty of being swept up in the more is more mindset; blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter … social media in general mostly encourages the procuring of ‘stuff’, especially the trendiest things for yourself, your home, and your kids. So many pretty things out there, aren’t there? A sweep through […]

Third Trimester Essentials

I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I’ve been loving as I settle into this third trimester of pregnancy. I mentioned it in my last post, but this pregnancy has been really different for me. I’m not sure I’m quite as tired as I was the first time around, but […]