Second Pregnancy: The Questions (and Some Answers)

When you’re pregnant, there’s no denying that you’re going to get questions — lots of them. With this, our second pregnancy, I’ve noticed that most of them stay the same, but a few new ones do get thrown in the mix. I thought I’d touch on some of them here. How are you feeling? With our […]

Real Oilfield Wives Pinterest Roundup: My Current Obsessions

I talk about Pinterest in just about every other post I write. Doesn’t matter if it’s a “Becoming a Frugal Momma” post or an “Oilfield Cafe” post; Pinterest will find a way to sneak in there. Probably doesn’t help that I spend an obscene amount of time on the app while my kids are playing […]

WHY? Because I Love Him

For my New Year I want a healthier oilfield man (OFM)! Our oilfield guys seem to have all kinds of crazy habits that they either pick up in the field from someone else or develop all on their own to keep them going, but none the less these habits are not all health conscience. I […]

De-Stress & Manifest Your New Year’s Resolutions

You’ve made your yearly New Year’s resolutions and rung in the new year and now it’s time to make those resolutions into reality. The following is a 3 step plan for manifesting your goals that I devised based on my own experiences. Last year I finally got my life coach certification and I am hoping […]


  I am always on the hunt for the “Next Best Thing” when it comes to beauty treatments! Living in Western Colorado where it is dry every month of the year, no matter what season, I am especially curious about ways to keep my hair and skin from drying up and blowing away all together! […]

Thankful: Keeping Christmas Well

I’m thankful for the genuine friendship of my friend Vanessa. Even though we live almost 2,000 miles away from each other, I know that I can count on her anytime, day or night, and that she’ll always be real with me. I’m thankful that there are people who care. Whether they are holiday bell ringers, […]

My Favorite Flu & Cold Tamers

After reading Rebecca’s awesome post on the pros and cons of getting a flu shot, I was inspired to write a follow up post on what do in case you do end up with the flu or other winter time ailment. The following tips and recipes are what our family use as our go to […]

You Are What You Eat, So I Am Pizza

Kinda funny, yes. But this quotation that I’ve seen make the rounds on Pinterest more than once actually carries some weight (pun not intended) for me, believe it or not. Growing up, food wasn’t really an issue for me. I liked to eat (who doesn’t), but I never really thought about it. It was just […]

A Week of (Mostly) Healthy Eating

How many of you try so hard to eat right only to have it completely undone the minute your oilfield man walks in the door? I don’t blame my husband; I blame my complete lack of willpower. So, imagine my surprise when Hubby comes home and says, “I think we need to eat better. I […]

Keep Your Metabolism Running

The day I gave birth to our daughter, Aug 3rd, 2009, I weighed 197 pounds. I remember standing in the bathroom in my hospital room and trying to hold back the tears. Tears of joy, of course,  because I was about to meet my precious baby, but also tears of sorrow looking at the scale […]