Make-Ahead and Freezer-Friendly Meals

We make a lot of meals ahead of time in our house.  Oilman makes big batches for hitches.  I typically will make a meal and freeze leftovers in individual containers because I’m cooking for one while he is away.  Freezing allows me to not have to eat leftovers every single day for a solid week. […]

Oilfield Cafe: Hot Oil Man Approved Salsa

I love salsa. I love Love LOVE it. I think I could live off chips and salsa. Since we live in Alaska and there are no good, authentic Mexican restaurants up here, making a tasty salsa is up to me. I have made many salsas in the past. I usually just throw things is – […]

Cooking for the Masses

Cooking and baking happens to be one of my favorite hobbies. Sure, it isn’t the best hobby for my waistline, but it has a way of calming me. I always try to pass my dishes along to neighbors, friends, or family members, but they always have something I seem to lack: self-control. So, I end […]

Oilfield Cafe – Oreo Layer Pie

“Chocolate Lasagna”, “No Bake Layer Cake”….there are many names for this dessert.  And there are about as many different varieties as there are names. (You can’t really go wrong with any dessert that is layers of Oreos, pudding and cream cheese).  I like this one because it’s sooooo incredibly quick and easy, and it requires […]

Oilfield Cafe: Banana Chocolate Muffins

There’s nothing better on a blustery fall afternoon than being warm and toasty inside the kitchen and baking muffins with your daughter.  There were actually two reasons behind our baking session 1) Dad comes home tomorrow and we like to have fresh baked goodies on hand when he arrives. 2) My daughter is learning fractions […]

Oilfield Cafe: Pumpkin Butter

Okay, so it’s a bit early for pumpkin, but since I’m elbow deep in the stuff right now I thought I’d share my recipe for pumpkin butter with you. In preparation for our return to North Dakota we had to pull up our garden which means my kitchen is now overflowing with produce that all […]

Oilfield Cafe: Fried Green Tomatoes and Remoulade

We are finally starting to get into some sort of rhythm around here with the new baby and that has included getting back into the garden this past week. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been rather disappointed with what I’ve found. We aren’t in a drought per se, but the rain has been sporadic […]

Oilfield Cafe: Lazy Woman’s Chocolate Icebox Pie

At 38 ½ weeks pregnant I’m feeling nothing if not lazy. Well, maybe not lazy so much as exhausted. Will and I have been wrapping up his homeschool lessons for the year and I’ve been struggling to keep the house clean for the new baby’s arrival and make it to my appointments with my midwife. […]

Oilfield Cafe: Pita & Hummus Recipes

It’s been a wild week here and it’s not even Friday yet. Getting our taxes done has been a nightmare this year and that, added with some good ol’ oilfield drama at Jacob’s work that may have me amending my previous post regarding camper lots, I’m ready for this week to be over with. But […]

Freezer Meal Time!

  Feeling a bit worn out today since my little guy and I just returned from a trip to Minnesota so we could spend some time with Jacob while he took care of some business here. This is the last major traveling we will be doing before our second child is born in in mid-June. […]