A Week of (Mostly) Healthy Eating

How many of you try so hard to eat right only to have it completely undone the minute your oilfield man walks in the door? I don’t blame my husband; I blame my complete lack of willpower. So, imagine my surprise when Hubby comes home and says, “I think we need to eat better. I […]

I Dream of Italy

When Tim and I were making our wedding plans, we dreamed of going someplace exotic and wonderful for our honeymoon. Bali, Bora Bora, New Zealand … but it turned out that a honeymoon didn’t fit into our budget or the time we had together before Tim had to return to work. So we skipped a […]

How do you save money on groceries?

I am the world’s WORST coupon clipper.  I admit it.  Actually I don’t really clip coupons at all.  I tried to use one coupon at the grocery store today (it was attached to the package of dog treats I was buying)……but it was expired.  Yep, that’s how talented I am with coupons.  If they are […]

Have a Spooktacular Day!

Happy Halloween Everyone! For some, today will be filled with school parties, cheesy games, entirely too much candy, and dozens of pictures posted to Facebook and Instagram of our undoubtedly adorable children. For others, today may represent that one day of the year when you can be in public in your underwear and be your […]

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an Oilfield super-mom!

Moms are amazing.  How we keep it all together literally blows my mind.  There isn’t a single second of the day that I am not multi-tasking, even if it looks like I’m doing nothing I actually have schedules, lesson plans, and to-do  lists running through my mind.  All the time.  I have days when I […]

If You Knew Me at All

Remember those surveys you used to get in your Inbox? They moved to Facebook for awhile, but I can’t remember the last time I saw one. I have to admit I kind of miss them, in a thank-God-I-don’t-waste-time-on-those-anymore way. I share a lot on my personal blog, but I still don’t share everything. So, I […]

Wholesome Halloween

Halloween is my least favorite holiday.  Although we are a Christian family I’m not necessarily  “anti” Halloween, but it’s just not really my thing either.   I’m not a fan of the witches and ghosts, or anything that’s scary or evil.  I prefer to focus more on celebrating fall….harvest, pumpkins, changing leaves, hot cider…and less […]

2013 TREND ALERT- Burlap Wreaths

  Burlap is not only one of the hottest trends for the 2013 Holiday Season but a fun fabric that can be used both indoors and out year around.  Some of my own personal favorite uses for the Shabby Chic material is to use burlap for a table cloth or table covering, a covering on […]

5 Life Lessons I learned from my Kids

  As a parent I try to impart wisdom upon my children daily with my “life lessons”.  But I think  I might actually learn more from them, than they learn from me.  They are so honest with themselves, but somewhere along the way of becoming an adult I think I lost this innocence.  So here […]

The Truth about Homeschool

We are in our second year of homeschooling.  I never intended on homeschooling, and even though I never planned on it, homeschooling has been wonderful and I am so glad we have this opportunity.  I am not a homeschool nazi though.  I don’t want to come across as anti-public school. I think public schooling can be wonderful, […]