Adjustment Period

When I became a stay-at-home mom in January, I understood that there would be an “adjustment period.” I was used to working a full-time job and then trying to take care of everything else when I got home. I thought, “I’ve got this. This will be easy.” I just have one question; When is this […]

What Was I thinking?

My family loves dogs. We treat them like members of the family instead of pets. They stay inside, sleep on the couch, and mistakenly believe that they are lap dogs. We already have Cheyenne (a Pit-mix) and Jack (a Jack Russell Terrier) and with two small children, that’s a full load in and of itself. […]

Helping Our Neighbors

  (Photo Credit: Brennan Linsley/AP) (Quick note: It seems that the book club wasn’t a big hit so we have decided to discontinue it for now. I know we all lead very busy lives and hopefully one day soon we can get this group back up and going!) These last few weeks have seen immense […]

A Weekend in Photos

Whether Tim is on hitch or on days off, our days are always busy. Granted, they’re a little bit busier when he’s home, but even when our days are chock full of tasks, I love having him home. We cook and enjoy wonderful dinners, take long walks through the neighborhood, and always, always enjoy a […]

I Just Want to Sleep!

As I’m writing this, I have already had one cup of coffee and sorely need another. My eyes are heavy and I probably look like death warmed over. I have insomnia to thank for the lovely bags under my eyes and the complete inability to get just about anything done during the day. Oh, and […]

ROW Book Club- May

  It’s May (Already?!) and it’s time for our new book club selection! I hope you enjoyed last month’s book and are participating in the discussion going on in the book club group. Here is the Amazon summary for this month’s selection: A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy: Stoneybridge is a small town on […]