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In many instances, the primary voting happened in a subsequent yr. (CNN) Sweden hadn’t beaten Germany in women’s football at a significant match since 1991. The final time a staff lost a World Cup quarterfinal after scoring first came in 1999. The descriptive statistics of the gadgets addressing physical violence could be found in Table […]

Peças-chave da promoção do site | Criar Um Blog Personalizado

Peças-chave da promoção do site | Como Criar Um Blog Gratis E Personalizado Principais opções para promoção no site. Criar Blog Personalizado. Você possui seu site pronto para ir. Além disso, andam métodos menos óbvios por promover seu site, de que você pode querer começar a pesquisar. Todo globo sabe que, no caso de o […]

There’s another cure that does not contain a trip towards the physician or possibly a-one capsule.

Law college assessments pose a theoretical dilemma and request that you fix the authorized problems. Wow, you’re asking only the perfect queries. Before you are able to learn simply the best way to research law, you got to really have a tangible response to the question. If you’re nice and may make pals, ask upperclassmen […]


It happened from both sides, the disconnection from others once we settled into oilfield life.  At some point I looked up and realized that we didn’t have as many friends as we used to.  We didn’t get the plethora of invites to holiday parties like we once did in our pre-oilfield days.  Sometimes I feel […]

Time Keeps on Ticking

It’s a new year! 2015 has blown by, and now it’s 2016. I believe that time goes by quicker and quicker as we get older. It seems impossible that I’ll be 37 next month. Didn’t I just graduate from high school?  Wasn’t my 21st birthday last week?  My husband and I have been together 15 […]

Make a Difference This Christmas

I think many people want to help others, but they often don’t know how.  I have heard people say that they want to fill the needs in our communities, but they don’t have any idea what they are.  If we stop for a second and look around us, we can see it.  The hardest thing […]

The Non-Desperate Housewife

Are there really desperate housewives out there? Women that are not content with their lives, marriages, homes, husbands, relationships, etc? Being a homemaker/stay-at-home-mom/housewife is not a glamorous life, but it can still be both fun and fulfilling. Is glamour really THAT appealing? I’m happy with my comfortable, predictable life. Maybe I’m the minority, but I am […]

Is the oilfield life worth it?

Over the last 13 years of being an oilfield wife, when the going has gotten rough, I’ll stop and ask myself if this lifestyle is really worth it. It’s a life made up of sacrifices, hard work, and compromises. We all work so hard. Not just my Hot Oil Man up at the north slope […]

Surviving the Downturn

At first I was afraid… I was petrified… Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side… I’m not talking about your lover, I’m talking about cash.  Some of us this year are saying goodbye to some serious oilfield cash and we don’t know if we are going to make it.  In the […]

And what if I’m not ready for summer to end?

I cannot believe it’s already the middle of July. This summer (like every summer) has flown by at warp speed.  Being a home-school educator means there is a lot of prep work to get done to prepare for the upcoming school year – deciding on curriculum, purchasing curriculum, taking inventory of school supplies, making lessons […]