Summer To-Do List

Summer is almost here. Which means long, lazy days of…..rushing around from activity to activity. Trying to cram in swimming lessons, vacation, summer sports, library reading program….etc. That can sure suck the fun right out of summer break. When did summer become so scheduled?  I recently read an article about having an “Unscheduled Summer”.  There […]

I need a break from Summer Break!

I thought “Summer Beak” meant that you get a break. But apparently I was wrong.   At least moms don’t get breaks.  My family has been super duper busy. Every day. Every single day. Between horse camp, swimming lessons, library summer reading program, play-dates at the park, going on school field trips…it simply doesn’t end! […]

Thankful Three, Thanksgiving Eve Edition

All through November and December, we are sharing our thanks with our oilfield wives community. Make sure you join in with your thankful three, so we can all have the warm fuzzies, m’kay? Today is Thanksgiving Eve, and I’m sure we’re all super-busy. Whether we’re traveling to be with our men, or they’re coming home […]