Blissful DAYS OFF

    How do I love thee….. Let me count the ways! I am blessed. One of the most important things for me as a working oilfield wife  (OFW) is having a husband who stands behind me and supports the fact that I work outside of our home. In order for me to be successful […]

Second Pregnancy: The Questions (and Some Answers)

When you’re pregnant, there’s no denying that you’re going to get questions — lots of them. With this, our second pregnancy, I’ve noticed that most of them stay the same, but a few new ones do get thrown in the mix. I thought I’d touch on some of them here. How are you feeling? With our […]

Preschool Party Idea

  This year for my three year olds Valentine’s Day Preschool party I needed something quick, easy, and healthy since Daddy is out of town on his hitch! I decided for my preschooler this year I was going to skip the packaged sugar cookies and bypass the temptation of festive mini candy treats, and instead get creative with “yogurt […]

Favorite Gifts for a New Baby

One thing that’s always booming in the oilfield world is babies. Do you feel that way, too? Right now we know a few expectant oilfield families (ourselves included), and a few oilfield couples who just welcomed new little ones into the world — and there’s nothing better than gifting incredibly cute, incredibly adorable, incredibly awesome […]

Disneyland Or San Diego?

    My latest project has been to plan a family vacation for my husband, daughter, and myself. One of the biggest struggles about being a working oilfield wife (OFW) is that when he is on days off, if we are going to do any type of trip or out of town traveling I have […]

Do I make a difference?

It’s easy to feel purposeful when you are doing big things, important things, charitable things…going on a foreign missions trip, delivering holiday food baskets to the needy, volunteering as a big brother/big sister….but what about during the everyday tasks? It’s hard to feel important while folding laundry, shoveling snow, and loading the dishwasher. Some days […]

A Son Turns One

As the title suggests my son turned one the day before Thanksgiving. Has it really been a full year since I first said hello to Justin?   Justin Levi, 7 lbs. 15 oz, 21 inches. Momma’s little man. Yeah, it has. A year of diapers after finally getting my oldest out of them. A year […]

Making Memories

Let’s face it; being an oilfield wife means you are, basically, a single parent for a large portion of the year. With my husband not home to help, I can get overwhelmed. Between cleaning, cooking, changing diapers, homework, keeping up with my blog and writing obligations I barely have time to do much else. Sadly, […]

Do You “SPOIL” Your OFM On His Days Off?

  Recently I caught myself completely absorbed into a social media thread that posed the question “How Do You Spoil Your OFM When He Is Home.” I was literally in shock and amazement from some of the response. Yes, no joke, some made me laugh out loud and yet other responses made me feel like […]

5 Life Lessons I learned from my Kids

  As a parent I try to impart wisdom upon my children daily with my “life lessons”.  But I think  I might actually learn more from them, than they learn from me.  They are so honest with themselves, but somewhere along the way of becoming an adult I think I lost this innocence.  So here […]