Oilfield Cafe: Mississippi Roast

Picture and recipe found at bergcentral.blogspot.com I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love my crock-pot.  Any day that I can put everything together in the morning, turn on the pot, and then walk away is a great day. Especially when what’s in the pot smells as good as this roast! I […]

Oilfield Cafe: Tijuana Pie

Before I begin, I just have to thank my mother-in-law for this recipe so, thanks, Jonise! I love simple recipes. I also love simple recipes that I can make in my crock-pot, from prep to finish,  in less than two hours. The less I have to turn on my oven, the better.  This recipe feeds […]

The Working Mommy Menu

Being an oilfield wife and juggling a full-time job, makes mealtime nothing less than creative and challenging especially when you are a mommy too! I will be the first to admit, when Daddy is away at the rig, I am 100% guilty of nights when cereal is what’s for dinner, popcorn is the main course, […]