Frugal Momma: Free and Cheap E-Books

I’m an avid reader. At least, I was until I decided to go back to grad school. I still get a book in here and there, but nothing like I used to do when I worked at the public library. I loved that job. *Sigh* Anyway, grad school will be over (Praise sweet baby Jesus!) […]

Frugal Momma: Valentine’s Day on a Budget

I know Valentine’s Day is traditionally considered a holiday for adults. A day for flowers, candy and romance (well, unless your husband is on the rig like mine). The day is also a great time to show love and appreciation for friends and family, especially kids. It’s hard to give gifts and have fun with […]

Becoming a Frugal Momma: Fitness on a Dime

Alright y’all. This Oilfield Wife is on a diet. Well, I won’t say diet. I’ve learned that diet is an evil word. One that actually scares me. What I am really doing is trying to get back to the healthy lifestyle that I had settled into before my second pregnancy. Before Justin was born last […]

Becoming a Frugal Momma: Meal Planning

Many people operate under the assumption that if you are oilfield, then you must be filthy rich. Well, here’s a newsflash: My husband is filthy most of the time he is at work, but we are no where near rich. We brought along all of our previous debt, minus one full-time income, plus a newborn […]