Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, fellow oilfield wives! I know this year was difficult for many oilfield wives and oilfield families. I’m hoping and praying things will pick back up and are better for everyone in 2016.  I pray the employed will stay employed, and that jobs will become available for the unemployed. But […]

Love and Christmas

I have always loved Christmas.  As I child, I would start waking my parents up at 3 AM to see if it was time to see what  Santa had brought.  They would finally give in about 4:30 or 5 AM.  Still to this day, the Christmas season makes me incredibly happy. As of this moment, […]

Being Strong

I met a woman a few weeks back who has absolutely zero experience dealing with the oilfield. Her boyfriend lives close by and they see each other every single day. Her boyfriend, who served in the Army with Hubby, was picking Hubby’s mind about working in the oilfield. I wasn’t surprised at all when she […]

The Many Ways To Show Him Your LOVE

  As I got to work this morning and was scrolling through my calendar it hit me, holy crap Valentines Day is in TWO WEEKS! I feel like we just came up for air from Christmas and New Years and already we are looking at mid-February! Since a lot of us live our lives in […]

A Post About Love

Sometimes I think I’m a pretty strange person. Maybe I don’t even think it … I know it. (In college, a classmate actually asked one of my best friends why she was friends with me.) So, when I think about my husband Tim, I know just how fortunate I am to have not only found someone who gets me, […]