De-Stress & Manifest Your New Year’s Resolutions

You’ve made your yearly New Year’s resolutions and rung in the new year and now it’s time to make those resolutions into reality. The following is a 3 step plan for manifesting your goals that I devised based on my own experiences. Last year I finally got my life coach certification and I am hoping […]

Making Resolutions

I don’t usually do new Year’s resolutions. I think they are dumb. Well, at least mine are. But there are some  things I’d like to work on so I’m thinking if I  list them, all of you can hold me accountable and I’ll be more likely to follow through. Here goes…. 1. I will exercise […]

2013: A Year in Review

It’s that time of year, y’all. Even if you’d rather forget that 2013 even happened, eventually, you will think back on what the year did or did not bring and hope like crazy that 2014 is much better. (You can thank all of your Facebook friends and their reflective statuses) For some of us 2013 […]