I Love Being An Oilfield Wife BECAUSE……

  All too often I think I dwell more on the bad and sometimes forget about all the good that comes along with being an oilfield wife (OFW). If my husband were to hear me say this he would say “Honey, you’re a woman!” and give me that playful grin, but seriously sometimes I forget […]

Being an Alaskan Wife

Along with being an Oilfield Wife I am also an Alaskan Wife, or what I like to refer to as a NOW (Northern Oilfield Wife).  In some ways, Alaska is just like everywhere else. We live in a normal house – not a cabin in the woods without indoor plumbing (although there are plenty of […]

Invisible Diseases

I’ll admit, I’m not a very sympathetic person when it comes to invisible diseases. Or at least that’s how I used to be. When I’d hear people were suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression…..anything that I couldn’t “see”…I’d inwardly roll my eyes and think, “Take an aspirin and quit complaining”.  Well that was before I became […]

Simple Living

I haven’t always been about simple living. I’m guilty of being swept up in the more is more mindset; blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter … social media in general mostly encourages the procuring of ‘stuff’, especially the trendiest things for yourself, your home, and your kids. So many pretty things out there, aren’t there? A sweep through […]

Favorite Gifts for a New Baby

One thing that’s always booming in the oilfield world is babies. Do you feel that way, too? Right now we know a few expectant oilfield families (ourselves included), and a few oilfield couples who just welcomed new little ones into the world — and there’s nothing better than gifting incredibly cute, incredibly adorable, incredibly awesome […]

In the Thick of It

It’s strange to think about how we’re in the middle of a moment in time, we rarely think about how important that moment might be. As we go about our daily lives, it’s hard to remove ourselves, take a step back, and know that we’ll look back on that time with great fondness. Tim and […]

6 Things I Hate About Being an Oilfield Wife

There’s no other lifestyle quite like being an Oilfield wife. It’s a love/hate relationship.  You love the oilfield….and hate it at the same time. I prefer to focus on the positives and the things I love.  The pros of the oilfield definitely outweigh the cons. But there are some negatives, too. They are the things […]

A Son Turns One

As the title suggests my son turned one the day before Thanksgiving. Has it really been a full year since I first said hello to Justin?   Justin Levi, 7 lbs. 15 oz, 21 inches. Momma’s little man. Yeah, it has. A year of diapers after finally getting my oldest out of them. A year […]

Stuck at Home

We are having a horrible ice storm here in Alaska, with the absolute worst driving conditions I’ve experienced since we moved here over two years ago. Ice storms are one of the very few things I dislike about living here.  1) The Postal Service –  more packages I send get lost than delivered…but that’s a […]

Get Your Fix with Stitch Fix!

I’ve had a mini-obsession with monthly subscription boxes for quite awhile now. In fact, I love any service that includes delivery to my home and and doesn’t require me dragging my kids out in public. Shopping with two almost-two-year-olds is NOT my idea of fun and typically leaves me rushing home to a bottle of […]