Ode to an Oil Man

My Hot Oil Man (my husband) is the hardest working man I know. And not just because he works in the Oilfield, his hard work and work ethic is just part of who he is. But he, just like all OF workers,  sacrifice themselves daily for the better of their families. Yes, there are plenty […]

Busy Days Ahead

With warmer weather finally sticking around (at least here in North Carolina) so many people are making vacation plans and diving into different projects around the house. Our household is no different. See those adorable little chickens in the main graphic? Yup. Those ladies are the newest members of the Rachal household. Meet Betty, Pearlie, […]

Family Blues

One negative aspect about being an oilfield wife is the “Family Blues” – being away from family.  Not just being away from your husband/significant other (although that is another drawback, of course I miss my Hot Oil Man when he’s at work) but I mean being away from the rest of your family.  If you’ve […]

Looking Back

  This picture will be 6 years old on the 26th of this month. Have Hubby and I really been married for 6 years?! Well, considering Baby Girl is about to turn 5 (and start school!) I guess so. I also feel kinda old right about now. I have been thinking back on the places […]

Getting Out of My Rut

I am not ashamed to say that I am a homebody. I love my yoga pants and just hanging out at home. To me, one of the greatest feelings is waking up and knowing I have nowhere to be that day. It’s not like I get to sleep in or anything, but still. For the […]

Being Strong

I met a woman a few weeks back who has absolutely zero experience dealing with the oilfield. Her boyfriend lives close by and they see each other every single day. Her boyfriend, who served in the Army with Hubby, was picking Hubby’s mind about working in the oilfield. I wasn’t surprised at all when she […]

Stuck at Home

We are having a horrible ice storm here in Alaska, with the absolute worst driving conditions I’ve experienced since we moved here over two years ago. Ice storms are one of the very few things I dislike about living here.  1) The Postal Service –  more packages I send get lost than delivered…but that’s a […]

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

I try to maintain a positive outlook overall in life, not just about the Oilfield. I’m thankful to God for all of our blessings –  oil related and other.  I encourage my children on a daily basis to stop and look for all the blessings in our lives. I am truly thankful for my husband’s […]

7 Not So Fabulous Things About Living In An Oilfield Camper

  As promised, here is the second part of my post series on the great and not so great things about living in a camper in the oilfield. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being able to be here with Jacob and as I mentioned in my previous post there are some really awesome […]

Oilfield Camper Homeschool

  The concept of living in a camper with a child seems puzzling to a lot of folks and I find that because of this I am often asked how we are handling school for our son. The answer to the question of how to educate your children while living in a camper is a […]