I’m Breaking Up with You

Dear Pinterest, I want you to know that you started all of this with a hot dog.  Your behavior has allowed me to see that we just aren’t right for each other anymore.  I’m breaking up with you. You annoyed me a little bit.  That small annoyance grew into disdain and now I just don’t […]

Let’s Get Real

I’m not sure if “The Real World” from MTV is even on anymore, I believe I’ve moved out of the prime demographic for MTV.  Nonetheless, I’m reminded of the tagline from the show, “… Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.”  I would like to change that to, find […]

Mid-Week Mood Booster

I’ve been a mom with a career and a mom who stayed home to raise kids. I’ve pulled my hair out over fussy babies and work deadlines. No matter which type of mom you are, there are just days that seem to drag and leave you feeling completely drained. I’ve had several of those days […]

My Oilfield Life- A New Chapter

The fairytale continues for our oilfield family! Some of you ladies may recall my post earlier in the year about listing our home for sale. I love my sweet little town of Grand Junction, CO but I would be lying if I did not say that the economy, real estate market included is still down […]

We’re All Pinners: My Favorite Pinterest Accounts

Pinterest seems to elicit strong feelings from people — especially women. Love it vs hate it. It sets unrealistic expectations vs I get all my best ideas off of Pinterest. There are people who refuse to join (good for them!), and people who maybe need an intervention. 😉 I really enjoy Pinterest. I actually meal […]

Pinterest Round-Up: Things to Make you Giggle

It’s bad enough it’s Monday, but to make things worse, it’s the first Monday after the time change. If you didn’t lose an hour of sleep this weekend due to Daylight Savings Time, I’m envious. The only way to get through days like this (you know, where my eyes don’t want to stay open and […]

Preschool Party Idea

  This year for my three year olds Valentine’s Day Preschool party I needed something quick, easy, and healthy since Daddy is out of town on his hitch! I decided for my preschooler this year I was going to skip the packaged sugar cookies and bypass the temptation of festive mini candy treats, and instead get creative with “yogurt […]

The Many Ways To Show Him Your LOVE

  As I got to work this morning and was scrolling through my calendar it hit me, holy crap Valentines Day is in TWO WEEKS! I feel like we just came up for air from Christmas and New Years and already we are looking at mid-February! Since a lot of us live our lives in […]

Favorite Gifts for a New Baby

One thing that’s always booming in the oilfield world is babies. Do you feel that way, too? Right now we know a few expectant oilfield families (ourselves included), and a few oilfield couples who just welcomed new little ones into the world — and there’s nothing better than gifting incredibly cute, incredibly adorable, incredibly awesome […]

Real Oilfield Wives Pinterest Roundup: My Current Obsessions

I talk about Pinterest in just about every other post I write. Doesn’t matter if it’s a “Becoming a Frugal Momma” post or an “Oilfield Cafe” post; Pinterest will find a way to sneak in there. Probably doesn’t help that I spend an obscene amount of time on the app while my kids are playing […]