Oilfield Cafe: Pumpkin Butter

Okay, so it’s a bit early for pumpkin, but since I’m elbow deep in the stuff right now I thought I’d share my recipe for pumpkin butter with you. In preparation for our return to North Dakota we had to pull up our garden which means my kitchen is now overflowing with produce that all […]

Oilfield Cafe: Lazy Woman’s Chocolate Icebox Pie

At 38 ¬Ĺ weeks pregnant I’m feeling nothing if not lazy. Well, maybe not lazy so much as exhausted. Will and I have been wrapping up his homeschool lessons for the year and I’ve been struggling to keep the house clean for the new baby’s arrival and make it to my appointments with my midwife. […]

Oilfield Cafe: Pita & Hummus Recipes

It’s been a wild week here and it’s not even Friday yet. Getting our taxes done has been a nightmare this year and that, added with some good ol’ oilfield drama at Jacob’s work that may have me amending my previous post regarding camper lots, I’m ready for this week to be over with. But […]

We’re All Pinners: My Favorite Pinterest Accounts

Pinterest seems to elicit strong feelings from people — especially women. Love it vs hate it. It sets unrealistic expectations vs I get all my best ideas off of Pinterest. There are people who refuse to join (good for them!), and people who maybe need an intervention. ūüėČ I really enjoy Pinterest. I actually meal […]

Preschool Party Idea

  This year for my three year olds Valentine’s Day Preschool party I needed something quick, easy, and healthy since Daddy is out of town on his hitch! I decided for my preschooler this year I was going to skip the packaged sugar cookies and bypass the temptation of¬†festive mini¬†candy treats,¬†and instead get creative with¬†“yogurt […]


The day after any holiday in our household means one thing, LEFT OVERS! This year, as part of our celebration for my oilfield man‚Äôs (OFM) first Christmas at home, we hosted Christmas Day Dinner. ¬†I prepared the usual green bean casserole, mashed potatoes with gravy, pickled cucumbers, hominy and green chili bake, veggies, rolls and […]

Oilfield Cafe: Creamy Crawfish Dip

Being a true Louisiana man, my husband loves crawfish. He doesn’t just like it and eat it occasionally; he loves it. Normally we eat crawfish in etoufee or, if I’m lucky, we have it flown fresh from Louisiana to North Carolina and have a big boil and party. Either way, it’s usually in at least […]

Not Your Grandma’s Crock-Pot Potato Soup

One of my very favorite meals when I was a little girl was my Grandma Harper’s Potato Soup. She always made it so effortlessly and no matter the time of day or time or year it hit the spot! Today, even at 27 and as a wife and mommy Potato Soup is still hands down […]

A Week of (Mostly) Healthy Eating

How many of you try so hard to eat right only to have it completely undone the minute your oilfield man walks in the door? I don’t blame my husband; I blame my complete lack of willpower. So, imagine my surprise when Hubby comes home and says, “I think we need to eat better. I […]

Links to Start Your Week

Happy Monday! The internet is a huuuuuuuge place, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught myself saying, “I can’t believe I missed that!” or “I can’t believe I’ve never seen so-and-so’s blog before!” So, to kick start your week, I wanted to share some of the links I collected over the weekend. […]