5 Tips For A Great Vacation

  Oilfield families seem to always be on the go whether it’s moving, visiting our husbands or taking a vacation and with summer approaching many of us no doubt planning our summer excursions right now. Here are a few of my favorite tips for travel from my own personal experiences. Get a AAA membership. I […]

Busy Days Ahead

With warmer weather finally sticking around (at least here in North Carolina) so many people are making vacation plans and diving into different projects around the house. Our household is no different. See those adorable little chickens in the main graphic? Yup. Those ladies are the newest members of the Rachal household. Meet Betty, Pearlie, […]

Disneyland Or San Diego?

    My latest project has been to plan a family vacation for my husband, daughter, and myself. One of the biggest struggles about being a working oilfield wife (OFW) is that when he is on days off, if we are going to do any type of trip or out of town traveling I have […]

Sweet Summertime

I don’t know about your corner of the world, but it seems that spring was painfully short here in North Carolina and that we have been thrust right into summer. The colleges and universities have already let out for the academic year with public schools not far behind. Pretty soon, lots of frazzled mommas will […]