I guess it’s my turn to say good-bye.  Although I tend to agree with the saying that says there are no ends, just new beginnings. Whenever we come to a new chapter in life, it’s really just a transition, not an end.   When we reach a bend in the road, things change.   We […]

I Miss the Oilfield

I never, ever – in a million years – thought I would say these four, simple words (and mean it so much), but…I miss the oilfield. I do. I miss it so much, for so many reasons. I miss being part of something bigger. I miss being part of that family. I miss being part […]

Moving On, But Still Holding On

Things have been bleak for a while now. Things are looking and feeling pretty low. Most of us have been forced to leave this lifestyle and move on, yet we’re all still holding on. We’re holding on to better days to come. We’re holding on to hope that things will turn around some day. We’re […]

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Tonight was ‘Dr. Seuss Night’ at our charter school.  This was one of those events that we probably wouldn’t have even attended if my Hot Oil Man was home, but since he’s at work on his two-week hitch, I decided I’d take the kids.  Plus, I liked the idea of not having to cook dinner… […]

We’re Still In It

It’s a dark day in the oilfield. Lay-offs are happening left and right.  It’s getting closer and closer to home…but we’re still in it!  But even though my Hot Oilman still has his job, it’s hard to feel “safe”.  I still feel  a small sense of impending doom that our whole life could come crashing […]


After almost a year and a half of writing for ROW, it is time for me to say good-bye.  In my last post I shared that we were taking the leap and starting a business with Oilman back home.  It is the beginning of a new season for us. I started writing for the Real […]

5 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Oilfield Wives

Everyone has an opinion about oilfield wives.  Whether it’s good or bad, people have a preconceived notion about what we’re like. There isn’t just one type of oilfield wife. We all have different personalities, different likes, different dislikes – but we do share the experiences of being married into the oilfield.  I wish other people […]

Is It Time to Walk Away from Oilfield Life?

It felt very weirdly normal and expected as it all went down.  Looking back on it, I’m still a little bit amazed at how it happened. Oilman sat in the church pew as our pastor talked about loving your job.  In that moment, Oilman felt like it was time for him to come home.  He […]

The Murphy’s Law of Wives Who Rock it Solo

*Sigh* – The good ole’ Murphy’s Law. No one is exempt. Especially us wives who often find ourselves flying solo by the single thread we typically hang on to. Sound familiar? Good. I’m not alone then. Murphy’s Law is quite simple. It states, in every sense of the word, that anything that can go wrong, […]

Making Ends Meet

Well, it’s finally caught up with us. We knew it was going to happen.  We’ve been feeling it coming on… my husband is getting fewer and fewer hours, leaving us with a very sizable cut in pay. We lived through it before, back in 2008. But it seems even harder this time. Once again, I […]