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Pinterest Roundup- Fabulously Fall Edition


First, thank you so much to everyone who read and commented on my post last week. At the moment I have nothing new to report. My husband will be home this weekend and we will figure out how to proceed next with the goal being an oilfield position that let’s us be together as a […]

12 things I love about Alaska


I love being a Northern Oilfield Wife in Alaska. Part of my soul belongs here. Whether we stay here forever is yet to be seen, but even of we leave someday, part of my heart will stay here. Here’s 12 things I LOVE about ALASKA:  The air. I NEVER get tired of the smell here. […]

Things Fall Apart


“Things fall apart, the center cannot hold” -W.B. Yeats, excerpt from The Second Coming I should be writing this post from our camper in North Dakota, but I’m not. I’d planned on using this post to show off pictures of the lake at Skunk Bay where our camper is parked, but as you can see […]

The Hitch from Hell


Every Oilfield Wife knows bad things wait to happen until AFTER the oil man goes back to work – – but this hitch took it to a whole new level. The stars lined up, and everything fell apart all at once. We should have known something was up when the dogs got together and not […]

Holistic Health Kit


I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile, but the right time just never came up. Now that we are are packing up to go back to North Dakota I decided it was time to go ahead and share it with you. This is a list of the items that comprise the family wellness […]

Is there life after the Oil Field?


My Hot Oil Man and I have been talking a lot about the future lately. We like to plan…..well, I like to plan and he humors me. I have learned that things don’t usually go as planned, if they did I wouldn’t be living in Alaska homeschooling right now. However, both of those life experiences […]

Oilfield Cafe: Pumpkin Butter


Okay, so it’s a bit early for pumpkin, but since I’m elbow deep in the stuff right now I thought I’d share my recipe for pumpkin butter with you. In preparation for our return to North Dakota we had to pull up our garden which means my kitchen is now overflowing with produce that all […]

Alaska State Fair

fair veg

  As an Alaskan Oilfield family, one of our favorite things to do is go the Fair.  We love the State Fair, and what’s even better was dad was home to go with us! The fair is always the last big hurrah of the summer –  one final day of fun before we settle down […]

5 North Dakota Places To Visit


I am currently in the process of trying to organize everything for the kids and I to go back to North Dakota in a couple of weeks and while doing so I’ve been thinking about all the neat places I want to revisit when I get there. The following list are the top five that […]

What’s for lunch?


As an oilfield mom, time is not my friend when I’m pulling single parent duty while my Hot Oil Man is away. Especially at meal time, the easier and better!  I do quick and simple breakfasts – hot cereal or bagels with fresh fruit – for the kids.  If I’m really on the ball I […]