11 Facts About Oilfield Wives
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What You Need to Know (and your oilfield husband won’t tell you)

What You Need to Know (from our oilfield husbands) #realoilfieldwives

I was ready to go to bat for each of you, fellow oilfield wives.  I had the hard-hitting questions ready and was eager to enlighten all of you with my new found information.  With not a hint of playfulness, I sat down with my husband and started asking him the questions we all want to […]

The Dreaded “Work-Over”


I hate hate, hate, hate when my husband has to work an extra week. He’s staying longer this hitch, so his usual two weeks away at the North Slope will actually be three. The dreaded “work-over”.  And that also means he’ll only get one week at home instead of two. Bad followed by worse!  Having […]


Brave #realoilfieldwives

Tonight was special. Extra special. Tonight our beautiful girl watched fireworks for the first time. It wasn’t her first holiday, it wasn’t her first fair, and it wasn’t her first fireworks show. It was, however, the first time she faced something really scary and was brave enough to do it anyway. You might be wondering […]

Enjoying Today

Enjoying Today #realoilfieldwives

We sat on the back porch with a cup of iced tea and I asked my cousin Kristen a question that had been bothering me.  Kristen is one of those people that you want to hate.  She’s tall, thin, and gorgeous.  She is actually even more beautiful on the inside (barf inducing, I know).  I […]

An Oilfield Wife’s Breaking Point

Breaking Point

I’m not sure where my breaking point is, but I might have already passed it. You know that saying, “When it rains, it pours?” Well that absolutely describes my life lately. Life can be hard.  Being an oilfield wife is hard. As a mom, I feel it’s my responsibility to be the glue of the […]

When the Husband is Away…

When the Husband is Away... #realoilfieldwives

…The wife will play. And by play I mean re-design the entire house. What else is a wife to do when she has 3 weeks to herself (not!)? She’d like to think she has three weeks to herself while her husband is thousands of miles away training, but reality is she still has a child, […]

4 Truths About an Oilfield Marriage

Four Truths About Oilfield Marriages #realoilfieldwives

Want to put your marriage to the test?  Have your husband join the oilfield.  Nothing puts pressure on a relationship like weeks apart with long hours and little sleep.  It can be a constant balance between one extreme to the other.  Admittedly, sometimes I am awesome at all of this and sometimes I just plain […]

This, too, shall pass…Woes of an Oilfield Wife

This, too, shall pass...woes of an oilfield wife. #realoilfieldwives

I love my life. My Hot Oil Man and I have worked very hard to make a nice home and we have amazing children. The majority of the time we are happy, healthy, and content. I’m usually upbeat and always thankful for what we have. But this doesn’t mean that there won’t be the occasional […]

Sometimes When You’re Gone

Sometimes When You're Gone #realoilfieldwives

It is funny, sometimes, what you learn about yourself when you’re alone for long periods of time. Like going to a movie by yourself, or having dinner in a restaurant solo. Neither of which I’ve tried yet, but I fully intend to do so…one day. I can imagine you’d learn quite a lot about who […]

Visiting the Patch

Visiting the Patch #realoilfieldwives

Sometimes everything aligns perfectly in the universe.  Oilman will finally be on days and I will get a break in my work schedule.  It is during these times that I pack an overnight bag and head up to oilfield country because it is time to see my man.  I often get asked by my friends […]

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