Visiting the Patch

Visiting the Patch #realoilfieldwives

Sometimes everything aligns perfectly in the universe.  Oilman will finally be on days and I will get a break in my work schedule.  It is during these times that I pack an overnight bag and head up to oilfield country because it is time to see my man.  I often get asked by my friends […]

Is the oilfield life worth it?

Is the oilfield life worth it? #realoilfieldwives

Over the last 13 years of being an oilfield wife, when the going has gotten rough, I’ll stop and ask myself if this lifestyle is really worth it. It’s a life made up of sacrifices, hard work, and compromises. We all work so hard. Not just my Hot Oil Man up at the north slope […]

The Easy Way Out

The Easy Way Out #weightloss #realoilfieldwives

Just shy of 2 years ago I underwent a surgery that changed my life. Sort of. I’ve always been ‘heavy’ (putting it nicely). Growing up I was the ‘big girl’ that struggled to find cute clothes to enter 1st grade in. I knew embarrassment and shame at an early age. I knew bullies and the […]

Surviving the Downturn

Surviving the Downturn #realoilfieldwives

At first I was afraid… I was petrified… Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side… I’m not talking about your lover, I’m talking about cash.  Some of us this year are saying goodbye to some serious oilfield cash and we don’t know if we are going to make it.  In the […]

And what if I’m not ready for summer to end?

I'm not ready for summer to end

I cannot believe it’s already the middle of July. This summer (like every summer) has flown by at warp speed.  Being a home-school educator means there is a lot of prep work to get done to prepare for the upcoming school year – deciding on curriculum, purchasing curriculum, taking inventory of school supplies, making lessons […]

Goodbye, Oilfield

Goodbye, Oilfield

Last Thursday, 5:30 a.m., I got the phone call from my husband letting me know he was coming home. For good. And just like that, our lives in the oilfield were over. Looking back, everything went out as quickly as it came in. Four and a half years ago, we went into this life with […]

Good for Her! Not for Me.

Good for her! Not for me! #realoilfieldwives

“I could never ever have my husband gone all the time,” she continued, “I would never choose money over being with my husband every day.”   Well, thank you for that little tidbit.  I didn’t ask for an opinion on my husband’s work schedule, but I appreciated her smug judgement nonetheless. I shrugged my shoulders to […]

War of the Wives

War of the Wives #realoilfieldwives

A little while ago I came across an oilfield apparel site that offers some cute, and creative, oilfield shirts for oilfield wives. One of them happened to be displayed on their Facebook page to promote the site. I forget the exact wording, but it basically read something to the extent of “Oilfield life is tough, […]

I Am an Oilfield Wife

of wife

I am a mother and a father.  I am comforting, nurturing, and gentle. I bathe, cuddle, read to, and tuck-in my kids every night.  I am also tough when discipline is needed. I am strict. I have to decide what’s allowed, and when enough is enough. I am the cheerleader, and the coach.  I am […]

The One Thing Everybody Needs

The One Thing Everybody Needs

Sometimes things happen such as walking into your home and being overwhelmed by a stench.  Maybe my dog drank stagnant river water and got sick in his kennel.  Maybe upon removing him from said kennel, he kicked up diarrhea and it hit me in the face.  Why is it that these types of things generally […]

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