Stop Labeling

Oilfield Life in 2015

Oilfield Life in '15 #realoilfieldwives

The last couple of hitches had been rough for me.  I was hesitant to share it because there are so many oilfield families looking for work.  I knew that people would think that I should be grateful my husband has a job.  I am grateful, but that doesn’t mean that my life is perfect.  Being […]

Sleepless Nights


One of the very worst things about being an oilfield wife are the sleepless nights. Of course we all sleep better with our men by our sides, but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about.  I do miss my husband while he’s gone, but I’m not referring sleeplessness due to missing his companionship. I have […]

The End of Innocence

End of Innocence #realoilfieldwives

Every day I am blessed and challenged with the task of raising a good person that will, undoubtedly, make great contributions to this world. And every day there is a negative, self-opinionated troll out there lurking and waiting to steal her shine. This needs to stop. Immediately. In the morning, while the little one eats […]

To Move or Not to Move

To Move or Not to Move #realoilfieldwives

My friend’s husband was murdered on Tuesday. He was shot in the back by a fellow police officer during an argument and we still don’t know what the argument was about.  He left behind his wife, three children under 11, and one on the way. This happened about four days into my husband’s R&R after […]

Little Things Matter

Little Things Matter

It was her husband’s dying wish to get the house sold.  That was why I sat and talked with a woman whose husband was dying of cancer in the other room.  One of the things they had talked about as his health turned south was his desire for her to be free from the responsibilities […]

Have Some Respect


I might make some enemies by talking about this – and I don’t care. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including me…I’m tired of seeing people out in public in their pajamas! Or their dirty sweats. “Casual” has been taken to a whole new level, a level of inappropriate. I don’t believe that women […]

The Candid Oilfield Wife {Part 2}: The Arrival

The Candid Oilfield Wife Part 2 – The Arrival #realoilfieldwives

Recently, I wrote about the feelings and thoughts I experience during the 14-day countdown to Oilfield Man’s departure. I was hesitant to do so, as I know my OFM will be reading this, and sometimes I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself. Not this time! This is something we share as Oilfield Wives and […]

Taking a Sick Day

Taking a Sick Day #realoilfieldwives

I just love that commercial on TV where someone knocks on the door, leans in with their runny Rudolf nose and says “Bob, I’m sorry, but I need to take a sick day tomorrow” and the camera cuts to Bob who is an adorable toddler looking at their parent like the parent has lost their […]

…but she is fat

...but she is fat

I was having a conversation with my mother, it went something like this: “I ran into my old friend at the convention,” my mom continues, “she said her daughter is doing well, but she weighs (insert weight that many beautiful woman weigh here) and is a bigger girl.” I was horrified.  Why on earth did […]

The Hardest Part of Parenting

mom job2

It’s hard to be a mom. I struggle with patience. Daily. I’m sure all mom’s do. I do have fantastic days where everything went smoothly – I gave my all, I was easy-going, I made school fun, I cooked great meals, I didn’t lose my temper, I had great life-lessons to share –  and I […]