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Coping Postpartum


In some cultures women spend 40 days postpartum in their bedroom nursing their babies and being waited on by their mothers or other female friends or relatives. In oilfield world you get four days before you husband returns to work and five days before your family has to go back to their own town. At […]

Things I’d rather do alone…

no kids

As an Oilfield Wife (and a homeschooler) I spend 99.9999% of my life with my kids. Most of it is great. After all, they are the reason I am a stay-at-home mom.  However there are a few things I really really really wish I could do without my kids around. I prefer to be kid-free […]

It’s Not Good Bye, It’s See Ya Later


  Over the past year I have shared my life, my experiences, my views, and my world as a working oilfield wife (OFW). I have expressed my thoughts on this crazy lifestyle, I have related my own role as a wife, and I have elaborated on my survival tricks as a mother, but today I am writing to say farwell. […]

Oilfield Cafe: Fried Green Tomatoes and Remoulade


We are finally starting to get into some sort of rhythm around here with the new baby and that has included getting back into the garden this past week. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been rather disappointed with what I’ve found. We aren’t in a drought per se, but the rain has been sporadic […]

My Oilfield Anniversary


My Hot Oil Man and I celebrated our 11th anniversary a few days ago.  That marks our wedding anniversary AND my anniversary as an Oilfield Wife. My husband starting working in the oilfield a few months before we got married.  From the beginning it was a different lifestyle than a lot of our friends.  Back […]

Tips For A More “HOMEY” Rig


My husband works a two on two off hitch, so in theory he spends just as much time in his trailer at work as he does at our own home. My oilfield man (OFM) cooks, sleeps, works on his computer, and sometimes on occasion even catches a football game all from a lovely little tin […]

Welcome Oilfield Baby!

Picture Courtesy of Lillian Klipsch

I am writing this in one of the first quiet moments I’ve had in several days. It will no doubt soon be interrupted by the stirring of our new baby girl, Litha. If you’ve read my previous posts you know that Litha was expected on June 21st, but it seems she had her own ideas […]

A Birthday Wish


Today is my baby girl’s 9th birthday. Where has the time gone?! In the blink of the eye she has gone from chubby little baby, to tall graceful young lady. She’s silly, sassy, and smart  - and I’m honored to be her mother. I try not to have regrets and I try not to spend […]

A Quick Guide To Bakken Housing Types


After reading reports from recent events in the Bakken oilfield it became apparent to me that there is something of a misunderstanding about housing there. It seems that the media tends to label everything as a man camp, whether it is or not.  I suppose it’s easier and more sensationalistic to portray the Bakken oilfield […]

Irritated Oilfield Mom

grumpy mom

I’m grumpy and really irritable lately. I don’t know if it’s because my husband worked an extra week on his most recent hitch, or if the 24 hour daylight (and less sleep) is making me cranky, or if I’m PMSing, or if I’m just getting grouchy in my old age. But whatever the reason - I am grumpy, and […]