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The One Thing Everybody Needs

The One Thing Everybody Needs

Sometimes things happen such as walking into your home and being overwhelmed by a stench.  Maybe my dog drank stagnant river water and got sick in his kennel.  Maybe upon removing him from said kennel, he kicked up diarrhea and it hit me in the face.  Why is it that these types of things generally […]

11 Facts about Oilfield Wives

11 Facts About Oilfield Wives

1. Oilfield wives are the most capable women you will ever meet. They know how to fix the sink, mow the lawn, dig out a splinter, change a flat, and a million and one other things. Not necessarily by choice, but because these catastrophes only happen when the oilfield men are gone and the women […]



We’re at a crossroads. We could be nearing the end of our oilfield journey, and we’ve got some major decisions to make. I find myself feeling the exact same way at the end as I felt in the beginning…uncertain. Is this the right decision? Do we stay or do we go? What is best for […]

Oilfield Wife Guilt

Oilfield Wife Guilt

We all know that the supposed secret to survival and sanity in this crazy oilfield life is to stay busy while our oilfield man is away.  But what am I supposed to do with this guilt that I feel because I’m getting to do things while he works his butt off? As a team, we […]

You’ve Been Initiated

You've Been Initiated

There comes a moment where you officially become an oilfield wife.  I can’t tell you exactly when or where this happens because the process is different for everyone.  In that moment you will stop and realize just how amazing you are and strong you have become.  Give yourself a high-five and keep on trucking.  Here […]

Oilfield Fathers


I know this is a “wives” website, but the other half of a wife is the husband, so I think it’s OK if I talk mostly about men just this once. All of us know how hard it is being an oilfield mom, but oilfield dads deserve a big pat on the back, too. We […]

Boy, You Done Pissed Off an Oilfield Wife

Boy, You Done Pissed Off an Oilfield Wife

Mr. Tankersley, I regret to inform you that you, unfortunately, have infuriated an Oilfield Wife. You’ve happened to catch me on a bad day, and I happen to have an outlet. The keyboard is blaring fire beneath my fingertips and while I plan on staying classy, I can almost guarantee my emotions will take over […]

Learning to Sleep Alone… Again

Learning to Sleep Alone... Again

We recently moved into a new house 4 miles from the one we were living in.  Actually, it’s an old house in the sense that it’s my childhood home that I grew up in. And when I was growing up in this house, some strange things happened. My parents didn’t believe me until years after […]

The Real Men of the Oilfield

The real men of the oilfield

There is a side of the oilfield that most people don’t hear about.  It isn’t discussed openly, you won’t read about it, and people won’t talk about it at the water cooler.  It is a bit of a secret really and it is one I want you to know.  I solemnly swear to tell the […]

How did I get here?

How did I get here-

Do you ever stop and look around and think, “How on earth did I get here?” I am in my mid-thirties and living in Alaska! How did this happen!? I still feel like a 19-year-old just starting out in the world. (Well, minus the aches and pains and wrinkles.) Where has the time gone? Time […]

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