To Move or Not to Move #realoilfieldwives

I’m Not Ready for Him to Come Home Yet

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Sometimes I’m not ready for my Hot Oil Man husband to come home. It’s not that I don’t miss him – because I do. I miss him every second that he’s gone. And it’s not that I don’t like having him here – because I love having him home. But sometimes I just don’t feel […]

They Will Never Understand

They Will Never Understand #realoilfieldwives

“I spoke to Oilman yesterday morning,” the friend said, “he sounded really tired.”  The friend was genuinely surprised that he sounded exhausted and beat down.  I might have given that person an exaggerated eye roll. I feel like a parent who has told their child something A MILLION TIMES ALREADY!  I get exasperated when people […]

What if He Falls in Love?

What if He Falls in Love? #realoilfieldwives

This question is, unfortunately, asked frequently. Women wondering if their hardworking man is cheating, ready to leave, or has fallen in love with someone else. Each situation different, but eerily similar, and each heartbreaking to read. Each story starts by noticing a change in him. He’s short on the phone and calling less often. He […]

Our New Normal

Our New Normal #realoilfieldwives

The truth hit me while in the middle of the cereal aisle at the grocery store.  I’m not sure why the realization that my husband was coming home for an unknown period of time hit me there, but it did.  We’ve been affected by the low oil prices just like many other oilfield families out […]

The Non-Desperate Housewife

The Non-Desperate Housewife #realoilfieldwives

Are there really desperate housewives out there? Women that are not content with their lives, marriages, homes, husbands, relationships, etc? Being a homemaker/stay-at-home-mom/housewife is not a glamorous life, but it can still be both fun and fulfilling. Is glamour really THAT appealing? I’m happy with my comfortable, predictable life. Maybe I’m the minority, but I am […]

The Other Side of the Oilfield

The Other Side of the Oilfield #realoilfieldwives

It has been just over two months since my husband left the oilfield to take a job with the railroad. It seems much longer than that. Much longer. Have our lives really changed that much in 9 short weeks?! It seems so long ago. He’s kept in touch with his crew. We’ve worried about them, […]

Goodbye Job, Hello Uncertainty!

Goodbye Job, Hello Uncertainty #realoilfieldwives

Two weeks ago, Oilman pumped the last stage on the last Eagle Ford completion for a client.  We knew what was coming.  We got the dreaded phone call this week.  Oilman is without work, for now. I’ve been trying to process my thoughts and feelings on the whole thing.  We have been preparing for this […]

Dear Oilfield…

Dear Oilfield... #realoilfieldwives

Dear Oilfield, A lot of people hate you.  You leave a bad taste in the mouth of the general public.  To your employees you can be unpredictable – there’s always your ups and downs to deal with. Booms followed by slow-downs. You bring a sense of uncertainty.  Environmentalists hate you in general and would like […]

An Open Letter To My Husband’s Ex-Girlfriends

An Open Letter to My Husband's Ex-Girlfriends #realoilfieldwives

Dear Ex-Girlfriends of my Husband, Yes, this is awkward. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why in the world is she writing to me? What could she possibly have to say?” A lot, actually. Don’t worry! I’m not here to call you out, or say bad things. I’m not going to put you down, or judge you. […]

For the Love Review + Giveaway

For the Love- Review and Giveaway #realoilfieldwives

“Thank you, Maxi Dresses, for helping me appear dressed up, as though I really made an effort, but making me feel as if I’m wearing a nightgown in public.  You are basically crotchless yoga pants, and I salute you.” –excerpt from “For the Love” By Jen Hatmaker I feel like nothing would better prepare you […]

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