The Great Pinterest Roundup, Cleaning Tips and Tricks Pinterest Roundup of Cleaning Tips & Tricks #cleaning #oilfield #tipsWe just moved into a new house! Well, it’s a 55 year old house that’s new to us! It’s full of great spaces, and hard floors. Three thousand square feet of hardwoods and tile. Our hardwoods are less than beautiful right now, so I’ve been scouring Pinterest for some tips and tricks on getting them sparkly clean. In my searches, I’ve come across a mess of other great cleaning tips, and even some great cleaning schedules, and organizing tips.

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This site has some GREAT tips for how to use commone household items to get things really clean! One of my favorite finds so far!

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Stain removal, including OIL stain removal!!

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Those dastardly hardwood floors need cleaning. Bad.

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One Good Thing by Jillee is one of the best sites for everything. She’s amazing!

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Share your best cleaning tip with us! We are always looking for something to make our lives EASIER, because God knows we have to do it all!

Here is my best tip: If you want to get your grout super-duper clean, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Seriously. I bought every tool and spray and scrubby, and nothing worked as FAST as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. My bathrooms have 1-inch square tiles on the bathroom floors, and they had 55 years of nastiness that needed to be removed!


  1. I only have one tip because I am an awful cleaner. It is for coffee pots, and it’s probably something everyone knows already, but here it is. When you forget coffee on the burner and get those awful rings throw ice, salt, and if you have lemon, some lemon juice into the pot and spin it around it’ll usually come right off. I also have a question. I use my crock pot alot and get those awful rings that I have to scrub for hours to get off. I’ve tried vinegar, dawn, I don’t know what else. Anyone have anything that makes those easier to scrub off?

    • Good tip on the coffee pot cleaning! God knows I drink a lot of coffee!! For the crock pot, I always spray mine with cooking spray, or just wipe it with oil and a paper towel before I put anything in to cook. Mine has the rings on it that I haven’t been able to get off for years, but now I don’t get any new ones because I oil it first!

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