Parenting: What am I doing?

Parenting....what am I doing? #oilfield #wives #parentingBeing a parent is hard. Especially when you don’t have anything good to model your parenting after. Now don’t get me wrong, my parents are good people, but they were young when they had me, and divorced before I was talking. They both did their best to raise me right, and I think I turned out pretty damn good. So when it comes to my kids, a lot of times I feel like it’s a shot in the dark, and I have NO IDEA what I am doing. Or if I’m doing it right, or ruining them. Or if I’m just overreacting to it all.

What am I doing?

When they were babies, parenting was pretty straightforward. They needed to be fed, diapered, cuddled and loved, and they needed sleep. A lot of sleep. I had that down. I was really good at it! Then came toddler-hood where you had to make sure they didn’t eat marbles or cat food, and they didn’t fall down the stairs. Again, pretty obvious stuff, and neither one of my kids choked on anything or fell down a well, so again, we’re good!

But now? Now that my children are nine and five and smart and sassy with minds of their own? Holy shit! I don’t think I signed up for this! Sometimes I just want to run for the hills. Literally.

It’s hard enough parenting when both coaches are home to manage the team, but when one parent, the patriarch, is gone it’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I know that this time is critical for teaching my kids to be good people, productive members of society, respectful, self-respecting, and kind. And I feel like I know how to do all of those things, but then they push me and pull me and things get all twisty and then I YELL and feel defeated.

So what do I do? I scour the internet for ideas. I read books. I email Melissa and ask her what she would do! I take online parenting courses (don’t laugh – it’s all I have time for!). And I pray. I pray that God will give me guidance and that I don’t ruin my kids. Everyday.

What do you do to make sure you’re the best parent you can be? How do you handle the tough stuff?



  1. I love you! You will get through this with your sanity intact and your kids will appreciate everything you do for them one day. Right? I mean, that’s what I tell myself.

    • Thank you!!! I worry constantly that they’re going to end up in therapy because I royally screwed them up 😛 But then I look at my childhood and think if I made it through *that* and came out this GREAT and my kids are cut from my cloth, then they’ll be golden. Right?!!

  2. I feel the same way! What the heck am I doing?

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